Fallout happened. People died but some survived and now they have to survive in the post-apocalyptic aftermath. Welcome to the Armageddon.

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    01. Age requirement Pg-16. Meaning you must be at least 16 and above to join. Any member lying about their age will be immediately removed. There is no age limit but please be mindful that there are people under 18 on this site.

    02. Going off of the last rule, swearing and sexual innuendoes are allowed but please keep detailed descriptions of sexual activities to a minimum. Same goes for post; please “fade to black” every time your characters get “too intimate.”

    03. No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, or any sort of prejudice towards any group will be tolerated. Please respect other members' personal beliefs, religion, gender identity, preferences, etc even if you may not agree with them.

    04. Members, remember that nothing in the forums is meant to be personal against you. If a character decides to pick a fight with you IC, their player is not starting one with you OOC. Keep things respectful!

    05. You are allowed one character when you first start out, a second can be obtained when you have posted 50 times, and a third can be gotten after 200 posts have been made (100 each character). If you want any more characters you can buy more slots via the shop.

    06. Given that Armageddon is a semi-realistic RP site, any non-human traits such wings or extra limbs will not be allowed unless they are purchased from the shop. Certain disabilities will have to be purchased from the shop too; please make sure to read up on our shop guidelines to be certain of which traits are and aren’t allowed.

    Rp Related:

    01. Each post must be at least 100 words

    02. No rape will be allowed to be rp'd, this mean any kind. If your character has it in their history that is fine.

    03. As long as you post within 3 months you will not be labeled inactive, after this period however you will be.

    04. Do not start roleplaying until after you have posted your character's application and has been accepted by a staff member.

    05. If your character has different views from another or different beliefs, for the sake of rp this will of course be allowed.

    06. God-modding, powerplaying, metagaming, ghosting, or any other forms of over powered characters is absolutely unacceptable. Your first offence you will receive a warning, second your account will be temporarily frozen, and third you will be banned.

    07. No two characters will be allowed to have the same name, this is to prevent confusion on the site.

    08. Members must post in third person.

    09. The site runs in liquid-time, where characters can have multiple threads as long as they are in the same area. The only exception being if they have purchased the 'Teleportation' magic.

    10. Each player will be given 3 days to reply after the last post, after this they may be skipped unless the other player(s) wish to wait longer.

    11. The killing of character will not be allowed unless both players have reached an agreement.

    12. When posting a topic please list either open, private, npo, or mature in the description line. Open meaning anyone is free to join, private meaning members only permitted by you, NPO meaning there is no posting order and mature is for any threads containing violence, blood, or cursing.

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