Fallout happened. People died but some survived and now they have to survive in the post-apocalyptic aftermath. Welcome to the Armageddon.

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    Character Template Empty Character Template

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:59 pm

    Please make sure you've read everything in the guidebook before filling out this form. You must use this template when making your biography or your application will not be accepted. Don't forget to preview you post to ensure that all your coding is in order!

    [b]Full Name: [/b](First and last, middle if they have one. If they don't have a last name that's fine, but it'll have to be expanded upon in their history.)

    [b]Nickname(s):[/b] (Self-explanatory)

    [b]Gender:[/b] (Self-explanatory)

    [b]Age:[/b] (Self-explanatory, but please keep it realistic. For example, chances are, a 10 year old or a 90 year old wouldn't be able to survive on their own in a post-apocalyptic world.)

    [b]Species:[/b] (Human / kemonomimi is the default. Every other species must be purchased in the shop.)

    [b]Race:[/b] (What race they are. Can be as vague as "Caucasian" or specific as "British-French.")

    [b]Height:[/b] (How tall they are. Please keep it realistic.)

    [b]Appearance:[/b] (What they look like. Must be at least 150 WORDS. You may include an image, however please make sure that you have permission to use the image first. Keep in mind that certain attributes must be purchased from the shop.)

    [b]Personality:[/b] (How they act. Must be at least 200 WORDS.)

    [b]History:[/b] (Their backstory and how they came to be. Must be at least 350 WORDS.)

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